10 MustSee Attractions in Toyama Japan for Travelers

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Toyama is a must-visit tourist destination in Japan. It offers a variety of attractions that will capture the hearts of travelers. From natural landscapes to historical landmarks, it has something for everyone. Here are the top 10 must-see attractions:

  1. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route – this scenic road connects Toyama and Nagano prefecture. Take cable cars and buses to enjoy stunning views.
  2. Hokuriku Shinkansen Station – one of the tallest buildings near rail stations with magnificent panoramic views.
  3. “Sea of Japan’s Gateway” – a renowned trade hub between Tokyo and Osaka.

These attractions will provide an unforgettable experience in Toyama, Japan!

Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Toyama

To ensure you make the most of your time exploring Toyama, Japan, we have compiled a list of the top 10 must-see attractions. To provide you with a comprehensive guide, we have included sub-sections briefly covering each attraction. These sub-sections will introduce you to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Zuiryuji Temple, Kurobe Gorge Railway, Toyama Castle, Gokayama Ainokura and Suganuma Villages, Amaharashi Coast, Toyama Glass Art Museum, Takaoka Big Buddha, Keta Shrine, and the Kanetsuri Hot Spring Village.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Take an unforgettable journey to Japan’s “Roof”, the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route! The experience starts with a cable car ride to the Yunomine Onsen station. Then hop on trolleybuses and ropeways for amazing views. This route is located in Northern Japan and is 90km long, with a maximum depth of 20m. It’s open from mid-April to late November, so book in advance. Don’t forget to take your camera – you won’t want to miss out on the majestic Snow Corridor, with snow walls up to 20m high. Even if temples aren’t your thing, Zuiryuji is worth a visit to see the monks practicing their meditation and dodgeball technique!

Zuiryuji Temple

Zuiryuji Temple: a wonder of Japanese architectural beauty! Located in the heart of Toyama, it boasts intricate wood carvings, soaring rafters, and peaceful Zen gardens.

Built-in 1660 by the Inami Clan, it houses numerous ceremonial halls. The Hojo Hall displays striking interior decorations and artifacts from various eras.

Stained glass installations by master craftsmen Todate Ryohei and Yoshikawa Isamu were based on sketches by Uwajima Tokuo, a renowned contemporary artist. Japan Times art critic John Tranter says these colorful works “fuse Western Art Deco and traditional Japanese aesthetics”.

Experience Instagram-worthy views without the hike! Take the Kurobe Gorge Railway in Toyama.

Kurobe Gorge Railway

Tucked away in Toyama Prefecture is an attraction that promises a mesmerizing journey. Check out the Kurobe Gorge– a must-see for those seeking adventure and beauty. Hop on the scenic railway and you’ll experience something extraordinary.

The railway takes you through the deep valley, with captivating scenery at every turn. The ride lasts 80 minutes, passing through lush forests and cascading waterfalls. Marvel at the emerald-green Kurobe River below. It’s no wonder why it’s one of Japan’s most stunning ravines.

If you’re looking for thrills, try rafting or canyoning with local tour operators. Spring, summer, fall, and winter – each season has its own charm. Don’t miss out on this gem of nature’s beauty that creates unforgettable memories.

Experience the beauty of Toyama Prefecture as you take in the views from the railway – it’s a journey of a lifetime! Step back in time and feel like a samurai as you explore Toyama Castle – just no sword-wielding!

Toyama Castle

Toyama Castle is renowned as a key landmark in Japan’s history. It is a symbol of the Kanazawa-Hokuriku region, adorned with a grandeur exterior. This fortress served as the seat of the Maeda Clan during the Edo period, and is known for its traditional Japanese architecture.

Visitors can ascend to the top floors to enjoy the panoramic views, while learning about Samurai culture and architectural designs. The castle’s layout is a unique blend of East Asian and Western influences. It houses a History Museum that displays prehistoric artifacts.

Surrounding the castle walls is lush greenery with rare species of plants. During spring, the cherry blossom trees add to the castle’s brilliance.

Toyama Castle has endured several tragic events such as fires and wars. Yet, it has remained resilient, standing as a symbol of Japan’s military Era – a treasure trove for tourists! If you’re looking for a fairytale experience, visit Gokayama Ainokura and Suganuma Villages. Here, you’ll find quaint villages and steep-roofed houses.

Gokayama Ainokura and Suganuma Villages

Hidden away in the mountains of Toyama, these quaint hamlets offer a glimpse into traditional Japanese architecture and rural life. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ainokura and Suganuma villages, where gassho-style homes are scattered among idyllic rice paddies.

Lucky visitors in winter get to witness a winter wonderland. Join in a pottery workshop, where you can make traditional figurines. Enjoy a peaceful retreat in nature, away from popular tourist spots.

Legend has it that Ainokura was founded over 400 years ago by Kurobe Shingenobu, who saw fields swarmed by snowflakes in his dreams. This remarkable place is sure to fascinate!

For a unique experience, check out the Amaharashi Coast in Toyama. Nature puts on a stunning show here – it’s like a painting come to life!

Amaharashi Coast

The Amaharashi Coast is located in Toyama prefecture, on the western coast. It’s famed for its sparkling waters and white sand beaches. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll or relax in the warm sun.

Unique rock formations line the shore. Wind and waves have sculpted them into shapes resembling giant mushrooms. They look amazing at sunset.

Local fishermen use traditional methods, passed down through generations. Some believe that a dragon, worshipped as a deity, still watches over and protects those who visit.

Plus, don’t forget the Toyama Glass Art Museum – it’ll shatter your expectations!

Toyama Glass Art Museum

The Toyama Glass Art Museum is a must-see in Toyama City. It’s renowned for its glass collection, featuring works from artists such as Pablo Picasso and Rene Lalique. The museum has 30 years of history and hosts events like workshops with skilled craftsmen.

Visitors can reserve spots for glassblowing experiences. Make unique glass sculptures or decorations with your own hands! The museum also offers virtual-experiences for an immersive feel.

Art lovers shouldn’t miss the special exhibitions. They showcase works from contemporary to modern themes. After enjoying the art, visit the online shop for specialty souvenirs only available at the museum.

Nearby is Gokayama Japanese Village. This park features traditional houses and local architecture. Pose with the scarecrows for fun shots! Lastly, see a giant Buddha statue that’ll make you question your size.

Takaoka Big Buddha

A colossal symbol of Buddha, this bronze sculpture is Japan’s largest. It stands 15 meters tall and weighs over 60 tons, soaring higher than its counterparts in Kamakura and Nara. Commissioned in 1976 to mark Takaoka’s 300th anniversary, the Buddha gazes peacefully from atop a lotus-shaped base. Admire its robes and hands intricately crafted with detail. Take in the view of Takaoka City from its observation deck.

Explore the temple grounds, including a cherry tree garden that blooms brightly in springtime. Enter the temple building to discover historic artifacts from archaeological digs. On a clear day, go to the observatory for sweeping views of Toyama Bay and the Tateyama Mountain Range.

Fun Fact: This impressive statue was cast at Myoken-ji Temple in Osaka, then trucked to Toyama Prefecture. For a divine experience, visit Keta Shrine with its captivating ocean views and ancient architecture – unless you’re allergic!

Keta Shrine

Keta Shrine is a sacred site for locals and tourists alike. It’s located in Takaoka City, Toyama and is more than 1,200 years old. It’s known to be a deity of love. Rituals involve ringing bells and praying for love.

The Shrine is also known for its special love amulets. Visitors can buy fortunes or ema (votive horse tablets) to express wishes for a successful match or relationship.

Visit this mystical venue to learn more about Japanese culture while soaking up the serene atmosphere.

For a hot and steamy experience in Toyama, go to Kanetsuri Hot Spring Village. Don’t forget your swimsuit – unless you want an interesting tan!

Kanetsuri Hot Spring Village

In Toyama, a serene village lies. It has a natural wonder, restorative powers to provide. Traditional Japanese culture you will find, and hot springs for relaxation of mind. Iron content is quite impressive there, detoxifying properties its waters share. Outdoor hiking trails and cuisine delight, the perfect choice for a couple or group to take flight.

Accessible by car or bus, the scenery is a must. Traditional architecture and tranquil surroundings, time travel you will find here – no bounding. The perfect getaway from city life, don’t forget your camera, bring a knife.

Kanetsuri Hot Spring Village has a rich history, samurais visited after battle to heal their mystery. Ancient times these hot springs date, stunning scenery and perfect for a selfie mate. Toyama’s top attractions are quite grand, except for maybe the WiFi – not so much, aye?


Explore Toyama, Japan! 10 must-see attractions await. Culture and nature, blended. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Routeis majestic. At Zuiryu-ji Temple, tranquility. Hakusan National Park, for the thrill-seeker. Gokayama’s traditional thatched-roof houses are ancient and beautiful. Experience the wonders of Toyama! Don’t miss out!